About “GO”

Go is a soul-stirring, non-dialogue play, by Ronald D. Eastman II and Stephanie McFarlane.

GO, set in present-day, is inspired by Eastman's life story where abuse left him silenced as a child until he chose to fight as an adult.

GO follows a young boy (Keith) who is forced into isolation (a cellar), ill-treated, silenced and kept secluded by an unknown entity on the other side of a heavy steel door. And although doors usually serve as a way to come and go... this heavy steel door for Keith is only seen as a way of entry for abuse, and never a pathway to escape.

A decade after surviving and being isolated in a cellar, a young and strong-minded girl enters Keith’s sequestered living space and he is forced to find his voice, face his fears and confront his younger self.

Go is a story of innocence broken and the birth of a protector!