Author, Producer, and Celebrity Protector, Ronald D. Eastman II is the owner, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Eastman Protective Agency®. Ron is also the Author of Return to Your Senses, which he wrote to help others find their purpose by relying on inherent gifts and abilities.


Ron was born in Los Angeles and raised in Pasadena, California. He discovered his passion for safety, security and the study of human behavior/economics at the young age of 9. At this time, his mother and father briefly separated, and his mother left the family home. While his other siblings (two older sisters, an older brother, and a younger brother) stayed with their father, young Ronald insisted on accompanying his mother to ensure her safety. That first night away from home, he stayed awake, watching out the window to make sure no one broke into the car that held many of his mother’s possessions. He went without sleep for 36 hours, keeping an eye out for anyone who might do harm to his mom. A few days later, his parents settled their differences, and he and his mother returned home. Though brief, this experience lit the flame of Ron’s passion to protect those at risk and master the understanding of human behavior.


When Ron turned 18, he joined the United States Army, serving in combat and becoming highly decorated. While in the Army, he studied Human Economics while also developing the skills needed to master the protection of life; he received specialized training in hostage rescue, reconnaissance, treatment of trauma patients, and military combative techniques. He shared his expertise by training foreign military units worldwide. After leaving the Army, Ron became an Executive Protection Agent and has provided executive protection for many of the world’s most prominent celebrities.


Ron co-wrote the play, "GO", after meeting so many people who say they feel silenced, abandoned, and unloved. His intention when writing this play was simply to be a torch of freedom and a reminder to never give up.

Ronald D Eastman II, Author/ Protector/ Playwright/ Director/ Producer, Survivor